Head Ski Boots

Simply put, Head Ski Boots are awesome. If you’re into racing, they make boots that are super stiff and super narrow. If  you are into performance, but have a super wide foot, Head has your back. Or, if your biggest issue is just getting into a ski boot, well, you called it. Head has a boot for that too. Enough with being vague though. Let me give you the run down on some Head Boots. I’m going to start narrow, and work my way wider. Let’s go.

Head RD 96 SH3

This boot is super narrow, and super stiff. If that sounds like fun, then you're about to get a sweet deal.

The narrowest boot that Head makes, and that we carry at Level Nine Sports, is the 96 SH3. This boot is meant specifically for ski racers, and former racers who still demand a performance fit.  Normally, I ride in boots that have a laste of 99mm. One day my buddy Chuck over in retail challenged me to try these guys on. I kind of laughed at him and figured to myself, “Well this shouldn’t be hard, they’re still 96mm wide, only 3mm less than my every day boot.”

And then I was wrong. I couldn’t even get my ankle through the throat of the boot, let alone get my entire foot in so I could feel it getting crushed. Trust me, these things are narrow. That said, if you’re an expert skier or a ski racer, these boots might be right up your alley. Of course, you could also go to a quality bootfitter and get these things knocked out if you wanted.

Head Edge 10.5

The Head Edge 10.5. This is the stiffest option we have available in the Edge Series.

If that’s not your style, no worries. Like I said, Head has your back on this one. So let’s take a step to the side and check out the Head Edge series of ski boots. Coming in at a 104 mm laste, these boots make the jump to the wider end of the spectrum. While still not being enormous boats for your feet, the Edge boots will provide you with enough room to make your skiing experience a comfortable one. After all, there’s nothing worse than getting to the slopes, taking a run, and calling it a day because your feet have had enough already. The Edge series tends to be a little softer than most, as it is a comfort oriented boot. Here at Level Nine Sports, the stiffest Head Edge that we have is the Edge 10.5, which provides an adjustable flex index of 70-80. This puts the boot in the progressing intermediate range. Of course if the Head Edge is still too narrow, you can always move into an even wider boot.

Head I-Type 10

The I-Type series means serious comfort.

Head also has ski boots for those of you out there who are too in love with rear-entry boots to ever completely give them up. While the Head I-Type series isn’t a true rear entry boot, it does utilize a hybrid entry system that allows your foot to slide smoothly in. Unlike most modern alpine boots, which utilize a tongue that operates similar to a typical boot, the I-Type boots actually separate down the middle, and pull apart from front to back. This really opens up the throat of the boot, alleviating the normal struggle of getting your foot around the bend of the boot. Like the Edge series, the I-Type boots are comfort oriented, which means their flex ratings never exceed 80. If you’re just looking to get out and ski comfortably, without the hassle of putting your boots on, then the I-Types are for you.

Of course there are a whole host of other options from Head Ski Boots. If I wanted to go over them all though, I’d be keeping you here all day. If you’re interested in Head, but haven’t quite found what you’re looking for from this post, I’d recommend checking out the Head Raptor, Head Vector, or the latest Head AdaptEdge boot. No matter what though, Head makes wide enough range of boots, that I’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding one that works for you.

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