Getting Ready For Some Summer Skiing

In preparation of doing some rebranding: – “Where Families Ski and Ride”, I’ve decided to finally make a video series on teaching young children to ski.

Some little ones ripping the bumps. (Image: Head)

I’ve intended for years to put something of quality together to add my little piece of usefulness to the interweb. The refocusing of L9 to ski gear for that ignored 75% of the market is proving to be the final push.

I’ll be heading out to Timberline in Oregon at the end of the month with my 4 year old daughter Jenna as the on screen talent, and my nephew David doing the behind the lens work.

I know that Timberline has summer skiing through August most every year, but also that its largely on the Palmer lift which has no intermediate or beginner terrain and also is mostly full with ski camps of one sort or another, so I wasn’t sure I’d be able to pull it off this offseason.  However, it seems that the Northwest did not suffer the “delicate” snow year the rest of us did.  They are  sporting a 119″ base at the time of this posting with an almost unbelievable 2600 vertical feet still open and plenty of gentler walk up em hills right around the Timberline Lodge with deep snowpack.  Sounds like in addition to making some movies I may also be able to get some real skiing in (if I bring more than my Blades that is.)

If anyone would like a free beginner lesson for their 2-4 year old feel free to drop me a line if youll be in the Portland area at months end.

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  1. Tara

    Insane – how fast I got my gear from placing my order with you online Sunday night in Oz, it was here by Thursday! Im still blown away by that, HA! I couldnt have organised a flight for myself that fast! thanks – I’ll already stomping around the house breaking in my new cool ski boots ready for NZ!

    thank you 🙂 you are being recommended.

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