Sustain the Granary

Sustain the Granary was a tour through Level Nine’s part of town, in downtown Salt Lake City. It stopped at multiple businesses in this old part of town, highlighting the ‘green’ things that go on at each location. This event wasn’t just about learning from this area, it was also about enjoying it. There were multiple food carts (serving pizza, burgers, tacos, and sushi) along with some seating and entertainment set up on 700 S, to make up the block party portion of the event.

Food Carts

Some food carts set up on 700 S.

The tour of the Granary District began at Artspace Commons, then to Ruby Snap, Level Nine, and then Frida Bistro to finish. The purpose of the tour was to show how each local business turned an old location into a fresh space, and the ‘green’ things they’re doing. Also, each stop had some free adult beverages thanks to Uintah Brewing and Green Drinks SLC.


Free beverages for adults.

After eating some delicious cookies at Ruby Snap, everyone made their way to our neck of the woods to fill up our retail store and enjoy some more barley pops. People filed in for about 30 minutes; checking out the store, buying some clothes, and talking to our wonderful retail staff. The socializing went on for some time until the store was the most crowded I’ve seen.

A Packed House

The crowd begins to gather in the store.

Chris out front

Chris enjoys some fresh air and his beverage on our front steps.

Once the crowd got a good look around and settled down, the head of our customer service department Peter got up to say a few words about us.


Peter tells the crowd all about Level Nine

Peter’s speech mentioned the use of palettes to build our store and our recycling and bike-incentive programs. For those who don’t know (or those who drank too many adult beverages) one of our retail employees, Sam, is responsible for both the recycling and bike programs. Our bike program gives $0.50 store credit to our employees for every mile (round-trip) they bike to work. This program seemed to intrigue the audience the most, and hopefully it inspired others to make it happen in their workplace!

Overall, it was a fun and interesting event which gave people the opportunity to check out a part of the city and businesses they may not have ever known about. We hope anyone that stopped by our store enjoyed our space, employees, and drive to be ‘green’!

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