My Problem

I have a purchasing problem; anyone who knows me knows I can’t resist ski gear.  In fact, it has been said that I like gear as much as I like to ski. This may be true, as I always end up with new skis each season and it’s not my fault.  It’s the manufacturers’ fault; if they didn’t put out new skis every year, I would not have to get new skis every year.  I love gear, and even though its summer I’m thinking –

 “What do I need to add to my quiver next year?”

It’s never too early to figure out what you want or need for next season. Besides, skis don’t get jealous when you look at another pair or bring another pair home with you.  So start thinking what you need. I need something for groomers, something skinner like 90 to 100mm under foot, and maybe a big mountain charger, or maybe a ski that is 130mm under foot for powder days, maybe a shorter twin tip for skiing with my kids maybe…………………

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