I Have Been Driving The Same Car For Over 12 Years

I bought this car from my brother in May of 2000, when he left to serve a church mission for two years. I was stoked. The car is a 1995 Subaru legacy sedan; it had 3600 miles on it when I purchased it and it just needed a good cleaning at the time. I purchased a roof rack for the car and so the story began.

I purchased this car mainly because it had all wheel drive and my Mitsubishi Gallant did not.  This meant I would not be turned around at the base of Little Cottonwood Canyon anymore!  Since then, I have made more trips up the different canyons than I can remember, either for biking or skiing.

The car is not the same car it was 12 years ago; it has a funny smell my kids complain about (the leftover smell of wet ski gear), rust, dents, broken fuzzy speakers, a check engine light that does not go off, and it’s got less power.

Now I drive and count down the days until my wife gets a minivan and I get the 2006 Outback. I look forward to having power locks & windows, air conditioning that works, and more power for going up the canyons.  However, I think I will miss this car; so many great memories of drives up and down LCC.  So 12 years and almost 200,000 miles I say thank you to my car and never failing me in going up and down the canyons of Utah.

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