Fat Kid’s Gotta Ski (and shed some lbs)

So I’m out of shape and yes, I paid for it last year skiing with some old friends. I used to be able to not work out during the off season, just ski 10 to 12 days before January and be good to go for the rest of the season. Now it doesn’t work like that. I’m older and fatter now, and by the time the season starts I will have 3 kids meaning less ski days before January than I want. So this year I have resolved to get in shape.

I don’t want to be winded half way up the hike on Baldy have my legs quite on me before 1 PM. I want to be able to ski bell to bell on full ski days. The days I don’t ski a full day I want to ski has hard as I can without feeling beat up. I will also need to hack the snow plow position for long periods of time when I’m teaching my kids how to ski.

I have resolved to get in shape and will give a weekly update on how much weight I have lost and what I did that week.

Now, I have been in shape before. I ran a marathon 3 years ago, my time was 3:46 and I was quite impressed with that. I like to run and bike and I will be hitting the weights as well in order to build my core.

My first week was last week so here’s the deal, I want to measure my progress and be held accountable. I’m watching how much I eat to reduce calories. My goal is to get to 155 to 165 lbs by the time SIA rolls around at the end of January.

If you have any work out suggestions for what you did to get or stay in shape or want to heckle me for being out of shape you can email me at tyson@levelninesports.com

Starting Weight – 203 lbs

End of week 1 – 200 lbs

Exercise: Ran – 2 days, Biked 12 miles – 1 day

Goals for this week – 197 lbs

Run – 3 days, Bike – 1 Day, Work on core strength – 2 days

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  1. Rich

    go get em Tyson

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