My First Skis

  Fifteen years ago my life changed forever and my obsession with skiing got its real roots. Labor Day weekend of 1997 I attended Sniagrab and got my first pair of skis. To say the least, I knew nothing about equipment; what was good, what was bad, or how my boots should fit.

I got my first ski, which was an Elan MBX in a 170. They were straight and skinny with speckled bases.  For me, at the time they were awesome. They got mounted with marker bindings and I got boots 3 sizes too big, thanks to poor help (they were 28.5; I now use a 25.5.) However, to me everything worked and I was oblivious to fat or shaped skis. I just wanted to ski and these did the job for the time.

So, I skied these for the next 3 seasons. These skis have not been skied for over 11 years and the bindings were given to a friend’s sister, but I do smile every time I see them on the wall at Level Nine. I think of my first ski purchase and the first few seasons of skiing them and just enjoying the experience of skiing. So here’s to the next 15 years enjoying the excitement of skiing and new ski equipment.

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