Reminiscing in the Labor and Delivery room


Right now I am writing this while sitting next to my wife in the Labor and Delivery room.  This will be our third child, we have two girls and this time it’s a boy. Needless to say, I’m excited for this. You might wonder what a newborn has to do with skiing, well let’s just say I learned a valuable lesson a few years ago.

In January of 2010 I was unemployed from full time work.  I was working part time a LevelNine at the time, and one night while job hunting, Rich, the owner of L9 called and asked if I wanted to go to SIA, one of the biggest ski trade shows. I was shocked and excited because I had always wanted to attend, and this was my chance.  Rich wanted me to go  and use my time to try and search for a full time job in the ski industry; I was stoked for the opportunity.

Sia Overview

Overview of the insanity of SIA. (photo:

There was one problem, my wife was nine months pregnant, and in my foolish justification I figured, she is not due until Wednesday, and I will be back Sunday so it will all work out.  After a good bit of hesitation on her part, she decided to let me go. The whole experience of SIA was great, and I did end up finding some work. More than anything though, I saw lots of great gear and met some great people.

On Saturday, while still at SIA, my wife started to go into labor, she obviously down played her experience. I got a phone call that Sunday at 1:00 a.m. telling me she was at the hospital. The next morning I got up to catch an early flight back to SLC, ended up sitting between two large bikers, leading to a pretty interesting flight back.  I managed to miss the birth of my second daughter by an hour. Despite what some may think, my wife was a great sport about the whole experience, she rarely even brings it up.

This past weekend the LevelNine crew went on a canyoneering trip to Zion National Park, I decided to stay around town this time to ensure I was beside my wife for the birth of the newest addition to the family. With this past experience running through my head, I knew I would never be able to live down another missed birth. So, lesson learned, don’t go out of town when you wife is due, stay home and don’t miss the experience.  Can’t wait to get the little guy on snow!

Here is a photo of Tyson with his new skis, and more importantly the new addition to the family, Talmadge!

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