Don’t Forget these Essentials

If you don’t get 100 days a year, sometimes it is not always clear why some seemingly useless products are actually essential. Here is a list of a few things to definitely add to your quiver of ski equipment, or keep in mind when packing for a ski trip.
1. Ski Socks

Under Armour Barker Ski Snowboard Socks

Again, if you don’t manage to get to the resort as often as you wish, it might not make sense why spending extra money on, “ski socks,” will actually make a difference from wearing your shin high cotton socks.

Ski socks are usually made of wool, or some sort of synthetic material, one reason for this is to help wick sweat, and even wet snow from your body. This makes an overall impact on the warmth and comfort of your feet, by not allowing them to get that clammy feeling of sitting in a wet sock all day.

Ski socks usually have some padding on the shin and bottom of your foot to help give a bit more comfort while skiing around. But overall, ski socks are extra thin to help protect your feet from pressure points and friction inside the boot.

Overall, a good pair of ski socks will actually help to keep your feet more comfortable in your not so comfortable plastic ski boots.

Under Armour Mens Socks
Under Armour Womens Socks
Under Armour Youth Socks


2. Dressing in layers

Burton Lightweight Baselayer Mens Pant

Instead of layering sweatshirt over sweatshirt, companies are making great alternatives to the ever loved long underwear. Basically, long underwear that acts just like ski socks, to help keep you dry and warm. These base layers are made to be more breathable, and help keep you dry if you do start to sweat as you get closer to the base of the resort. Most of the time these base layers will also be made of some sort of wool, or synthetic materials, just like ski socks.

Its always a good idea to dress warm and need to take layers off rather than be cold. Base layers come men and women specific.

Burton Mens Base Layer
Burton Womens Base Layer


3. Snacks

This one might seem obvious or even useless to some people, but not everyone can afford to buy lunch after paying for a lift ticket for the whole family. It is important to eat some food, and drink some water as your ski day goes on. It is especially important to snack, and hydrate early in the season, or if this is your first time skiing. This is because while skiing you tend to use some new muscles, which makes it easier to get tired and dehydrated. Some good snacks to pack are things like trail mix, granola bars, water and a sports drink.  Some other options like fruit and PB&J are other quick, easy options.

Let us know if there are any other essentials you tend to forget when heading to the hill.

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