Tip Connectors and Ski Instructing

Are you getting excited to get your kids out on the hill this winter? Thinking about teaching the little ones by yourself and save some money on an instructor? Tip connectors are a super helpful tool to use when teaching your young child to ski.

Tip Connectors For TeachingA tip connector, with lack of an easier way to describe it, connects the front tips of your child’s skis together and holds them close to help keep the kids skis in a wedge shape, most commonly called, “the pizza.” Young children do not always have the strength to keep their skis in a wedge when skiing over some uneven snowpack, or when gaining speed. Connectors also help to serve as a way for your to control your child’s speed, by skiing backwards with one ski between the tips of your childs ski, so that the connector strap catches on the front of your binding. This can help to keep the tips close as well as giving you the ability to determine your child’s speed. (See video for a better description) Tip connectors are most effective for children around the age of 3-5, and mostly for the use of first time skiers.

There are a few different styles of tip connectors that we carry, the biggest difference between the three are the ease of use.  The Wedgease Tip Connector is the easiest connector to use in cold weather, or in general, when you are wearing gloves of mittens. The reason for this is that the other styles have a turn screw to tighten the connector onto the ski, whereas these are made with an easy clip.

Check out this video from our, TeachChildrenSkiing series to get some more info and tips on how and when to properly use tip connectors when teaching your children to ski. The video also covers some other important information, such as, how to size skis, wearing helmets, and other tips to make sure your children are comfortable on the slopes!

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