“Alright,” you say, “but what if I can’t afford to buy ski gear?”

Skiing is a sport, like golf, that is too fun not to take part in, but so expensive that it is hard to take part. Out here in Salt Lake City, Utah we are only 30 minutes from a handful of world renowned resorts, but still hear of person after person that grew up here and does not ski or snowboard.

Granted, some people don’t have the desire to add skiing or snowboarding to their list of hobbies, but a percentage of these people just find skiing too expensive to take part. Here at Level Nine Sports, we do care about the more core skiers, but we try really hard to supply equipment to the folks not trying to lose an arm and a leg just to get to the mountain and enjoy some turns. Especially those families that have to pay for 3 or more people every time they go to the resort.

If your family is planning to ski more than two or three times per season, or are taking a vacation to ski for a week and don’t already have your own equipment, paying for rentals on top of lift ticket prices these days can lead to an empty bank account. That is why Level Nine Sports has taken the time to put together some pre built Ski Packages. These packages include Skis, Bindings and Boots, for a killer deal.

We have great deals on packages for the whole family, from kids to adults:

Ski packages that cater to children, Children Ski Packages. These children’s ski packages range from 169$ to 209$, which as you can see is an insane deal, and will end up being much cheaper than a rental package for any more than 2 days.

Elan Race/Salomon T1 Complete Childrens Ski Package  Atomic Race/Roces Complete Junior Ski Package  Paul Frank Julius/Roces Complete Junior Ski Package

Ski packages that cater to adults, Adult Ski Packages. These packages range from beginner/intermediate to intermediate/expert, being able to suit a Mom or Dad looking to keep up with their kids or parents that are looking to have their kids keep up with them.  These packages range from 249$-709$, a bit more expensive than the child packages, but remember, they include skis, boots, and bindings!

Klint Prime Rockstar/Live Fit 120 Complete Ski Package  Head Mya No. 2/Live Fit 65 Complete Ski Package  Head 2012 i.Peak 84 Pro/Tecnica Inferno Blaze Complete Ski Package

There are a few different reasons to go with a ski package,

1. We already did the hard work of figuring out great products that are also compatible, so it is easy to find a package that fits your needs.

2. They are CHEAP! Especially for beginner to intermediate skiers, who only ski a few times a year, getting your own ski package saves money and time by not having to rent.

Take a look around at the different packages we have to offer. If you are having trouble picking what package is best for you, check out the Learning Center, or give us a call at 1-877-589-7547 and chat with our insanely knowledgeable, and helpful customer service representatives.

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