Nordica Helldorado Review

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Im 5’8” 190 skiing the 85cm (dims 143-113-132 )Mounted with Peak 18 Bindings

So last season I got a good 5 days on the Nordica, Helldorado skiing a bunch of conditions, form untracked powder, to firm groomers and this ski killed it for me all around.

The Nordica Helldorado. This ski is a beast! For starters, you can’t ever go wrong with black on black, or “Murdered Out”, like the kids are saying these days. The Helldorados weigh in at 113mm underfoot making it a pure powder ski, but Nordica’s CamRock technology (combines rocker and camber) will make skiing the hard-pack AND powder insanely easy. 2 layers of titanium significantly stiffen up the ski, enabling you to charge through just about anything, especially those choppy afternoon conditions.

The first day on these was a powder day, cat skiing in Brundage Idaho.  It was no Utah blower; the consistency did range throughout the day. I will say I was impressed right off the bat; the ski floated effortlessly to the top and could handle a bunch of different turn shapes.  I had no issue with tip dive on these, and the tails release with ease so you could smear your turns and shut down the speed in trees.  So overall, my first day and only day with some fresh snow turned out to be a great day on these skis.

I loved the Helldorado in the crud. The skis have a slice of metal through the core, which adds some weight, but mostly keeps the skis super stable and fun in questionable conditions.  I will say I need to ski some more curd on these but so far I was impressed.

Groomers, this was where I was blown away.  I don’t ever expect a ski like this to perform amazing on groomers, but with the weight and stability of this ski, they really cut up the corduroy. While cat skiing in Brundage, the weather changed on us and we were stuck to the resort with not much powder,  a bit of crud, but mostly groomers. The first thing I noticed was how smooth they felt, this was due to the metal in the core, which definitely helped smooth the ride and add some power.  I was having a blast making short and long turns all around the mountain. Even with the metal through this ski, the skis still are very playful, it could have a bit to do with the tip and tail rocker, but even with that these skis are stable when you let them run flat on a steep run.   Over all they were awesome on the front side of the mountain and I did not wish for a skinnier, softer, or lighter ski at any time while skiing groomers.

Overall this could be a great one ski quiver; it can do it all. The ski performs great with your shins slammed in the front of your boots or at a neutral stance. I found that these skis actually skied better at a neutral stance, especially in powder. The only drawback I could find was the weight of the ski, granted the bindings I had on them added some weight, but the metal strips in the core add a good bit of weight to this ski.  I don’t mind a heavy ski, especially when it adds stability, but I did notice the weight when hiking with these guys on my shoulder.

I am looking forward to skiing this ski this winter and it will see a lot more days. The Helldorado is also a great ski to bring on vacations or trips if you are expecting mixed conditions.  I say, if you want a one ski quiver and like a beefier and heavier skis for stability, this is your ski. If you are worried about the weight or the flex the Helldorado, check out the  Nordica Patron, it is the same mold as the Helldorado, but no metal, making it a bit softer and lighter.

Again, if you have any questions about choosing the correct ski, give us a call at, 1-877-589-7547, or shoot us a chat through our website. Even take a minute to check out the Learning Center for lots of information about sizing, choosing the right gear for you, and even just to figure out some of the ski industry jargon.

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