7 Years With L9

Tyson, Levelninesports

Its hard to believe how fast the last 7 years have gone by, my life has changed so much. My wife and I had just moved onto our first house and I was in my last semester of college,  7 years later we our in our second house and have 3 great children. The one thing that has not changed is that I still am working at LevelNineSports, even if it is only part time.

7 years ago I was working in a call center for a gas company; needless to say at the time,  I did not love my job. One day while surfing TGR, I saw a post in the threads that there was a local ski shop looking for help. Being the diehard skier I am, I had always wanted to work at a shop, so I applied for the job. I will never forget my first experience at Level Nine’s original location in an industrial park on the west side of Salt Lake City. I walked in and the office was some what of a dive, the showroom did not have too much product, and it was overall just messy. That day I met Rich (the owner) and Christian, the first employee. A few days later I heard back from Rich,  I was hired,  so I gave my two weeks at the gas company  and haven’t looked back.

Our Salt Lake City Ski Shop

My first day working was really down to business; processing orders and packing skis. I was a bit puzzled at first by the gear;  it was all carving skis for beginner to intermediate skiers, but the all prices were mind bogglingly low. That first year was crazy, we only had 5 employees and were traveling around full time to ski swaps in Utah and California. We were so stoked the first few times we did over 100 orders in a day. At one point throughout the season we opened the retail store on the weekends to help spread the word locally, and add to our online presence.  By the end of the year I was sold on how LevelNine did things, and was excited when Rich asked if I wanted to come back the following season.

To this day I am still work part time at LevelNine in the retail store, also I help with social media, I get to go to trade shows and overall just help out in any way I can. We are in our third, and I would say best, retail location in Salt Lake City (660S 400W). We now have almost 30 employees during the peak season, and 100 orders a day is a slow day.  The one thing that has not changed are the people I get to work with,  some of the best I have worked with.  I love working at LevelNine, and chances are you can find me stepping away from my full time job during lunch to help or just hang out.  What can I say it’s a cool place.

The Level Nine Team!

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