LevelNineSports Headquarters

Our Salt Lake City Ski Shop

To go off of Tyson’s last post about working here at LevelNineSports, and how awesome it has been, we decided to take the time to give you a walk through of our headquarters.

Most people do not know that everything LevelNine gets done in the same warehouse. A few years ago L9 joined all aspects of the crew into one building, a very large, very old warehouse in the west side of Salt Lake City, UT. This makes for a really cool environment, in both the literal and figurative ways. The age of the building makes for bad insulation, but great space and cheap overhead costs.

Our retail store has been catering to the likes of vacationers and SLC locals for a few years, but has been gaining popularity ever since making the move from Highland Drive to the new location at 660S 400W. The retail store is where we get to actually show people face to face how into this we actually are! Swing by the retail store to get some great advice and service from our crew, Nick, Sam, Chuck, Brady and Tyson when he makes it in. The greatest part about our crew is that we are all diehard skiers and boarders, so we are ready to help you find the best gear specifically for you.

Next stop is the warehouse, it is insanely large and where the bulk of our crew works. Dan D. is the man in charge of all things warehouse, including inventory and shipping tasks. He watches over our crew of warehouse monkeys to ensure packages are getting put together at an insanely fast rate and out the door even faster. The warehouse and its crew are where the magic happens, they are the reason your packages arrive most of the time earlier than you expected.

The last of the headquarters is the office space, where most of the behind the scenes stuff goes on. This is where the head honcho offices are located, as well as the customer service, media guys, and web nerds. This is where we make all of our product videos, take all the photos, and update the website. Contrary to popular belief, some of the ski industry DOES actually work a 9-5 office job! Dan M. gets the pleasure of the full sized painting in his office making it feel like he really IS in the mountains. Across the hall the rest of us go crazy wondering how much snow is accumulating or what it looks like at all outside due to the lack of a window.

So there is the tour. It was a quick rundown, but you get the idea, hopefully.  Make sure to swing by and check us out if you are in Utah. Otherwise, hopefully this helps give you a better feel for who we are, and what is going on behind the website that you spend more time on than Facebook!

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