Tips for Opening Day

Around the country lots of resorts are getting ready to get the chairs spinning. Make sure you are ready for the first day on the hill with these simple tips.

1. Your Feet are probably going to hurt. Your boots sat all summer long, your feet also flattened out, don’t expect your boots to feel as comfortable as they did the last time you went skiing. It takes a a few days for your feet to get comfortable again.

2. Bring a some water and a snack. Chances are you don’t live at altitude, being your first day in the mountains for a while, you can tend to get dehydrated easily. Skiing also uses some extra muscles that you probably haven’t worked out in a while, make sure you have some food and water to keep yourself hydrated and energized for the day.

3. Bring your “rock skis” if you have some. The snow conditions usually aren’t the greatest on opening day, so if you haven’t bought new skis yet, or have an old pair that you can take out, we say take the old ones. Clearly though, if you just bought new skis, then this will be tough for you. If you do end up taking your new skis out, make sure you are easy on them, as chances are you will see a rock or two.

4. Don’t Forget your pass, or your boots! Get your gear ready before hand, so you don’t stress out looking for your goggles or even forget to put your pass or boots into the car. Its not as easy to remember everything when your mind isn’t used to doing it 4 days a week yet.

5.Make sure your gear is working before you get to the hill. Checking your DIN settings to make sure they are still correct for you as a skier is very important! Make sure that your gear is in working condition so that you don’t end up spending all of opening day in the closest ski shop trying to get your gear fixed.
Most of all, relax, don’t worry about the small things, you’re back on snow!

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