Powder Day Must Haves

It’s only the beginning of the season, but it is hard to predict when the next powder day is, so make sure you are prepared with the right equipment!
Here are some of our favorites to use/wear on a pow day!


The Nordica Helldorado: The perfect powder ski for those looking to really charge! This ski is insane! I has titanium through the core to help keep it stable at high speeds, while keeping the extra weight down.

Nordica 2013 Helldorado Powder Skis

Atomic Bentchelter: Another great option for skiers looking to be a bit more free around the mountain. This ski is softer than the Helldorado, but still a performance ski.

Atomic 2013 Bent Chetler Powder Skis


Cloudveil Down Patrol Jacket: The perfect jacket to keep you warm and dry. It is insulated to keep you warm, and Gore Tex keeps you dry!

Cloudveil Down Patrol Jacket Mens

Cloudveil Doublet Pants: Whether its a hike to ‘earn your turns’ or a day trip to the local ski hill, the Doublet Pant will get the job done. The waterproofing is sufficient for both groups, and both will also love the value of these pants.

Cloudveil Doublet Shell Pant Mens


Atomic Telescoping Tracker Poles: These are some of the strongest and lightest weight backcountry poles we have seen. They are easily adjustable with a simple flip of a lever from 115cm to 135cm (46-54in) so you can be comfortable and efficient ascending and descending.

Atomic 2013 Telescope Tracker Poles


Atomic Tracker Bindings: New this year and already competing to be the best. These bindings allow you to easily switch back and forth between skiing and trekking capabilities.

Atomic 2013 Tracker 16 Ski Bindings

So now that you have an idea of some gear that makes skiing powder a whole lot more fun, its up to you to pick some up and get out and use it.

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