Ski Snacks

Its obvious that when you ski or snowboard you are going to burn calories and nutrients. Buying a lift ticket also isn’t cheap, so most people ski as long as they can without taking breaks; sometimes to save money on food at the mountain, other times because they are having too much fun to think about it.

The fact of the matter is, its not healthy to go 6 or 8 hours without any food or drink, especially when you are doing a rigorous activity.

The biggest things to keep in mind when picking out snacks to bring to the hill is that; 1. you need something that will re-hydrate you, and 2. Carbohydrates are great because your body can instantly transform them into energy.

What to do:

1.Drink water/juice BEFORE you ski

2. Bring some water or drinks to sip on as the day goes on. Something like this Geigerrig Hydration Pack is great to carry around with you while you ski. Obviously water is going to hydrate better than anything else, but sports drinks and other juices also can help, and can give a

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3.Bring snacks that have carbohydrates!

Fruit has both carbohydrates and natural sugars to help keep you going.

Another classic is GORP- Good Ol’ Raisins and Peanuts. A great mix of carbohydrates and fruit.

Whatever the snack you choose to bring, bring something and you will notice that you can ski longer, more powerful days.

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  1. Skiing needs a lot of energy.I usually have chocolate for snacks but I want to try GORP.Looks delicious.Geigerrig Hydration Pack is great!I’ll buy one.It is best to have something like that while skiing.

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