Getting Ready For a Ski Vacation

Ski Vacations are supposed to be FUN, make sure you have covered all the bases to ensure a stress free vacation! Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Make sure you have all your equipment! No need to spend money on things you already have, but forgot! Helmets, goggles, base layers, gloves, face masks, skis, and most importantly your BOOTS!

2. Find out where your lodging is in relation to the resort, food, ski school, and other important stops for your trip.

3. Get an idea of how transportation works around the resort, a lot of resorts have free bus systems that circle the town. Some hotels will also have transportation readily available for guests.

4. Pick a resort that best fits what you’re family needs and wants. For example, a family of beginners probably should not take their ski trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Although, they are still gaurenteed to enjoy their time, a mountain with more beginner/intermediate terrain rather than one fit more for intermediate/advanced skiers would likely lead to a more fun trip.

5. There are a lot of things that can get in your way of enjoying your ski vacation, make sure once you get to your destination the most important thing to remember is that YOU’RE ON VACATION!

So there you have it, get out there an enjoy your vacation!

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