Checking the Weather Before a Storm

There are a handful of different websites you can check to get current weather. The problem is that it is always a toss up which site is giving the most current and reliable information.  Here are some of our favorite sites to check before a storm.

Weather.comThis is probably the most commonly used weather site to those who mainly just need to know if its sunny, cloudy, raining or snowing outside. is run by The Weather Channel, the same people that you can watch on your TV. Not that you can’t get detailed info from here, it’s just a bit harder to find and figure the site out. Something cool that has to offer is the Snow Watcher, where you can make a list of your top resorts to keep track of.
AccuWeather-AccuWeather has a list of great meteorologists, but we just can’t stand the layout/popups! Their snow fall drawings are entertaining, and might be the reason this site is worth checking out. and– Both of these sites do a good job of giving weather for ski resorts. These sites are dedicated to ski resort weather rather than any weather. Both sites are great for getting some quick info, but not amazing if you are looking for any fine details.

NOAA – NOAA is our GO TO for in depth information, granted they are also off with their predictions from time to time, NOAA allows you to really refine your search. Their radars, interactive maps and weather forecast discussions gives great information about what is going on in the weather.  The detailed point forecast map is the most useful tool, as you can really refine your search to figure out how much snow the Peak at Brighton is getting compared to the base of Park City. The forecast in the mountains is much different than in the valley, especially in Utah, elevation plays a huge role in accumulation. Use the detailed point forecast map to get weather for a specific ski mountain at elevation.  Also the mountain summit forecasts can yield good information – particularly about winds, which can be good info if you are worried a lift will not open.

So there is a quick rundown. Everyone will have their own pros and cons to each weather site, but when it comes to really dialing the site into a certain point, and getting the most weather data we recommend using NOAA. Hopefully when you read this there will also be snow in the forecast so you can really see what site you like the best.

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