Hopefully Happy Grommits

We just had a 3rd child, with that my wife informed me that she was going to allow me a new ski partner, a girl with blondish hair and blue eyes…that’s 5 years old. Turns out my wife is replacing herself with one of our daughters; I did it see coming, and I’m completely OK with it.

I am ready to devote some time to teaching my girls all about skiing, to make sure they love it just as much as I do. I have what I like to call a 7 year plan, where over the next 7 years I will not be skiing as many days a year or too many days for myself, but will be getting my girls ready to be skiing the mountains harder than I ever could, as long as they like it!

The plan takes effect this week, as last year we were not able to get the girls on the hill, so there is a bit of catching up to do. I hope to get the two older girls on the hill this weekend, and also a few more times before the end of the year (2012) with high hopes that they are skiing comfortably by the end of the season. By the end of the 7 year plan, I hope to be back to skiing 35+ days a year, and also struggling to keep up with the girls.

For anyone else planning to teach their kids to ski this year, check our side project at L9, www.teachchildrenskiing.com. You can find great tips on picking out ski gear for you kids, as well as step by step lessons to get your kids comfortable and enjoying the snow.




So there it is, the season is here, and it’s time to show the girls all about what makes me love skiing so much. Just the other day we got the girls walking around the house with their boots on clicked into their new skis. I hope they have just as much fun out there as I did growing up; I can’t think of a better way to spend winter with the kids, and I hope it is all they want to do!

So there it is, now I can look back on this in a few years to see if my expectations held up. I’m hoping that all those diehard skiers that think I’m losing quality ski time will understand at the end of this 7 year plan, that it was all worth it, and now I have a group of 3 rippers to go out with me every weekend pushing me to keep up with them.

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