Wearing helmets on the ski hill has become more and more popular over the last 5-10 years. Nowadays it almost seems like its hard to spot someone on the chairlift that doesn’t have a helmet on.

Smith Helmets

Everyone has there own reasoning for wearing a helmet. Sometimes it is to be a good role model for your children, other times it is because you are actually scared of your ski abilities. I’m a pretty confident skier, but still choose to wear a helmet mostly because I don’t trust others on the mountain.  I’ve been crashed into by another at fault skier, tearing ligaments in my knee and putting me out for a bit of the season, that’s what really opened my eyes to the fact that someone could just as easily cause head trauma to me as they did my knee. Obviously that was also a good excuse for me to wear a helmet for myself as well, but helped to have more than one reason.

To get off a bit of a touchy subject, here are some things to look for when purchasing a helmet for yourself, your wife or your children.


These days, helmets come with all sorts of different technologies to help you stay warm, comfortable and safe.

Helmet’s are made to act just like the scull of your head, which is to help disperse the pressure as well as help slow decelerate your head as it usually comes to an abrupt stop after colliding with something. Many helmets are single impact, which means after one decent crash you should replace it because it is not going to be as strong and defensible against another powerful crash. Each brand differs by product as far as single and multi-impact helmets go.

Another thing to think about with helmets is the amount or types of air flow and ventilation that they have. Most helmets do have some type of ventilation whether it be controllable vents or just standard always open, its good to check out what options you like better.  Some people don’t need the access to open and close the vents, but for a lot of people, this is a great feature.

The fit of a helmet is ultimately the most important part about a helmet, the better it fits the safer and more effective it will actually be. Many companies are using different but all effective ways to help get helmets to fit as snug as possible. Adjustable helmets started more prominently in youth helmets so children could make them last for longer than a season with how fast they grow. From there, people realized that it actually does help give helmets a more safe, more comfortable, and snug fit.

Well, that was a lot of information. It’s your HEAD though, so it’s worth any extra thought.

Here are some of our favorite helmet choices:

For the kids:

Smith 2013 Galaxy/Cosmos Jr. Helmet/Goggle Package

The Smith Galaxy/Cosmos Jr Helmet and Goggle Package: This package is awesome, not only do you get a great safe helmet, with 5cm of adjustment, but it comes with goggles. That’s still not the best part, the goggles have a fan to make sure your kids don’t fog up, as well as the fact that the goggles attach to the actual helmet. Price: $80.00

Smith 2011/2012 Holt Junior Adjustable Helmet

The Smith Holt Junior Adjustable helmet- This is a great helmet for a minimalist. Do kids understand that term already? Who knows. This helmet is safe, adjustable, and comfortable. It has vents, but they are always open, and even comes in a few different colors. Another nice feature of this helmet is the removable ear pads. Price-$29.00

For the men:
Smith 2011/2012 Maze Helmet The Smith Maze helmet is similar to the junior Holt, but even a bit more sleek. This is the lightest helmet on the market, great for people who are not used to wearing a helmet and are trying to get into the habit. Price- $45.oo

Salomon Ranger Custom Air Helmet

The Salomon Ranger Custom Air– These helmets are REALLY cool. Remember those Rebok sneakers you could pump up the tongue to get them to fit better? Well the Salomon Custom Air range of helmets has this function. Pump it up to get it snug, and release the pressure to take it off. Price-$44.oo

For the Women:

Salomon Idol 10 Custom Air Womens Helmet

The Salomon Idol 10– A similar version to the mens Ranger, this helmet also has the Pump me Up capabilities. This helmet also has controlable vents for the front and back of the helmet, which allows you to really dial down how much air your head is getting. Price- $69.00

Smith 2011/2012 Voyage Adjustable Womens Helmet

Smith Voyage Helmet– This is one of Smith’s top of the line helmets, with great adjust ability, lots of comfort and like the Idol, vents which you can control. Another cool thing about Smith products is how flawleslly they fit together. (Smith Helmet + Smith Goggles = Max comfort and no gaper gap)

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