Boot Fitting Instructions

Boot Fitting InstructionsSki boots are well known for being some of the most uncomfortable things to wrap around your feet.  Each company fits a bit different, as does every model each company makes. This makes buying boots online a tricky thing to do.
If you recently pulled the trigger, or are thinking about buying some new boots online, here are some tips for fitting boots  to make sure that you get the right pair!

1. Make sure you have SKI SOCKS on. Not cotton socks, and definitely not more than one pair at a time! Thinner socks help keep your circulation up as well as minimizing pressure points.

2. It is OK if your toes are touching the front of the boot when you are standing straight up. When you flex the boot you should feel your foot slide to the back of the boot.

3. The more snug your boot is, the more response it will give you. This does not include achieving a snug fit because your pants are tucked into the cuff, or because you have two pairs of socks on.  When you have extra room in your boots, your feet and legs will actually end up slamming around more and causing more pain.

4. Boot liners will pack out (compress)! Meaning that given a little time or a boot fitter, over time your boots will tend to start feeling bigger and bigger. This is why it is better to start off with a boot that fits snug, and let it pack out to a comfortable fit after a few days of skiing.

5. It is usually worth it to bring your boots to a boot fitter to really dial them in. Most importantly, LISTEN to what the boot fitter has to say.

Check out our mega detailed description on how to fit your boots at home in our learning center, “Boot fitting Guide.

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