Dakine Products

We got lots of great new Dakine Products in stock. Here are some of the favorites of the mix:

1. Tune Kits
These are awesome, choose which kit is best for you, from the cheaper version which is pretty basic to the more expensive version which has just about everything you need to perform a professional tunes at home.
Mini Tune Kit$29 Quick Tune Kit$34 Deluxe Tune Kit$42

2. Gloves/Mittens
There are a ton of different gloves and mittens to choose from, I’m going to highlight what I think are the top 6 adult gloves and top 3 toddler/child gloves. We have tons of options of gloves and mittens for toddlers, women and men.
Mini Tune Kit$23Quick Tune Kit$28 Deluxe Tune Kit$42

Mini Tune Kit$30Quick Tune Kit$56 Deluxe Tune Kit$52

Mini Tune Kit$12Quick Tune Kit$12 Deluxe Tune Kit$20

So there you have it, we have a TON of new gloves in stock, from mittens for toddlers to top of the line Gore-tex gloves for men and women. The quick run down for picking the correct mitt/glove for yourself is that mittens are warmer than gloves, and insulated gloves will be warmer than regular gloves. Although mittens are warmer, you dont have the functionality of being able to use your fingers. So if you want the functionality of a glove, the more expensive gloves are going to be the ones with Gore-Tex or other insulation to help keep you warm and allow you to use your fingers to check phone calls or switch songs on your iPod.

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