Finally On Snow

5 years ago had you told me I would not have skied (without my kids) before January 1st I would have laughed and told you you’re dead wrong. Well this year it happened; with 3 kids, a mortgage and 2 jobs (1 at L9 that my wife does not consider real work but more of a escape) life is a bit crazy, but I’m enjoying the stage I am at.

This year my first day on snow, without the kids was January 1st. It felt good to finally get out on the slopes and make some turns for myself. The original person I had plans to ski with cancelled last minute, which almost pushed me to follow suit. If it wasn’t for a Facebook message from an old friend Ed, and the green light from my wife, I probably would have stayed home. Ed and I skied 60 plus days together in 2001-02 seasons but it had been a few years since we skied together, and we were excited.

Ive still got a little gas in the tank to keep me going for a full day of skiing, although having not skied too much this season, I was not in the best shape. So the best way to put it is that I skied a full day, but probably did not ski well for the whole day. I took out my Dynastar Cham 107 and they did not disappoint. (review to come shortly) It felt great to make some turns with friends and just get out there and make some turns, overall I had a blast.

As it goes, this season I am getting less days on hill than usual, but I have it in my head that I am just going to enjoy the days I do get and not complain. I am now blessed to be in the mountains and enjoy the skiing whenever it does come my way, and I’m not by any means disappointing to spend more time with my growing family than ever. So here’s to getting this season underway and making some turns.

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