Atomic Bentchetler Review

The Atomic Bentchetler turned heads when it first came out and for good reason, as it has become and holds true to be one of the most popular powder skis on the market.

The Bentchelter comes in two sizes the 183cm and 192cm and weighs in at 123mm underfoot, meaning it really should be a powder specific tool, but with the technology that goes into this ski, it really makes it perform great as an all mountain ski. The big addition to the Bentchetler this year is a reinforced carbon strip in the core for additional stability and a bit stiffer flex pattern.

The rocker, camber, rocker profile of the Bentchetler helps the ski perform as a powder tool, but also gives you the same technology as a downhill carving ski. The camber under foot is really what helps drive this ski as a useful all mountain ski rather than specifically a powder ski because it allows the ski to feel a bit more traditional and allows you to really drive turns on the hard pack and crud.

Being that the ski is 123mm under foot, these skis do take a bit of effort to lay from side to side when going from edge to edge, although a bit extra speed helps make it a bit easier to put these things on their side.

These skis were at first designed to be a playful powder tool, mostly catering to people trying to get jibby in the backcountry. The skis started really turning heads when lots of reviews stated the skis handled almost just as well on groomers, hard-pack and crud as they did skiing waist deep powder.  We have a few employees here at L9 that call the Bentchetler their one ski quiver. Instead of a trade off on the powder day, these guys take the trade off for the days after the storm, and get comfortable skiing these skis on everything so that when the pow does hit, they are ready to go!

If you are a skier looking more to take a trade off in the other direction, where your ski will ski great on hardpack and crud, but won’t be the fattest powder specific tool for when the snow does come, check out the Atomic Access. This ski is a bit less burly as far as flex and size goes, weighing in at a 100mm waste. This ski also does not have tail rocker, which gives it a longer camber profile and makes it ski more traditional.

Atomic 2013 Access Powder Skis

All in all, we are really excited about the powder skis Atomic has been putting out.  Not only the fact that most of our employees ride Atomic skis, but also the tried and true quality is something to not miss out on!


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2 responses to “Atomic Bentchetler Review

  1. Anita Lamarche

    Hey guys!

    You are amazing! I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada – ordered skis late Sunday night; Monday morning had an email to confirm the binding mounting details (re: boot size) and my new skis arrived at my door tonight – less than 48 hours later! I’m not thrilled with the cut of the ski pants I ordered on sale, but I can say entire the order was filled correctly, shipping incredibly fast and for astounding value ($19 for delivery versus over $100 shipping to Canada if I ordered from O2 Gear?). You totally rock. I will share a post on Facebook and I’m fine with you publishing mine. Can’t wait to try out my new skis this weekend!!

    Anita L., Calgary, AB Canada

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