The 9 to 5 Grind

I like to try and tiptoe around describing myself as a ski bum, but as hard as I try 90% of people will still consider me one . I moved to Utah in 2006 mainly to ski, but I was also enrolled at the University of Utah, the only way to convince my parents that a move half way across the country was worth it. I hadn’t checked out the school prior to enrolling, but after spending two years at Umass Amherst (well known for its parties), I was ready for a change. Turns out, the U is the best damn school hands down if you want to split your time as evenly as possible between skiing and school, due to its proximity to all of Utah’s great ski resorts. I guess if I want to be literal about the situation, I definitely skied more than I did schoolwork, but isn’t that how it’s supposed to go? Either way, it worked out, I got my degree, mostly due to ski injuries that kept my off the hill and left me with nothing else to do but my schoolwork.

So here I am now, working 9 to 5 Monday-Friday reminiscing on the times I used to ski 7 days a week, or at least a minimum of 5. By no means am I complaining about my job, its just hard not letting myself get into the ski mindset, this post is not helping. Here is a quick photo/video recap of my ski history in Utah, mostly in front of the lens.

As far as it goes, I’m happy to have found a great place to work with some great people, that definitely helps to keep me sane. The other way I stay sane with my new weekend warrior schedule is that I am lucky enough to live in Park City, which means I am a 2 min drive from some of the only night skiing in Utah. Making even 5 quick laps at night after a day in the office is a great way to clear the mind, and get some skiing under your legs.

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  1. Charlie Cardoza

    Scott. Chew on this, you work roughly 200 days per year. If you retire at 65 that’s 8000 days left to work. Now if you decide to maybe get the computer science degree that might only take you roughly 200 days out of your work life of 8000 days ……. Hmmmmmm. I know you hate it when I lecture. I can’t help it I’m your father !!!!

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