184 Dynastar Cham 107 Review. Yes it is as cool as it looks.

I saw the Cham 127 in the tram line at Snowbird last year, and on first glance thought it was interesting that such a large ski didn’t have any tail rocker. When I saw at SIA that Dynastar was making a 107mm version I became a bit more intrigued by the ski; it was different than anything in my quiver or that I had even skied. After a bit of looking the ski over top to bottom and giving it a few flexes, I knew I had to have it. Fast forward to this past fall; my wife gave birth to our son, and later that week my 184 Cham 107 came. What a week! I mounted these up with some Look Pivot 18 bindings and wow does this set up look good!

Dynastar Cham 107 @ Levelninesports.com

Some quick info about me and my skiing:

Im 5’ 8” and fater than I would like to be right now.

Skis Ive liked: 187 Dynastar XXL, 176 Dynastar Legend Pro, Rossignol Axiom dp 110, Stockli Asteroid, Moment Bibby, Nordica Helldorado, Bluehouse Precinct, to name a few.

Cham and PitVIPERS

My first day out on these skis was also my first day of the season; there was some new snow, but not much making the conditions good but not great. The first run I took on these was a groomer run so I took some mellow turns to feel the ski’s out and really dial in the balance point of the skis. Skiing these with my weight centered to front seat made ripping any turn from short to long not only easy but super fun. It amazed me how quickly I could turn these skis and how stable they felt on edge. I skied all over the mountain skiing some heavy cruddy bumps and even making some longer traverses to ski some trees down the face of Gad Two. I really liked how the tails of these skis managed quick turns in the trees and on the traverse, it was very easy to slide the tail in and out of bumps and shut them down to avoid rocks. I felt very comfortable on these skis through the trees, mainly how I could slow them down when I needed or make a quick turn; this is where the skis really started to shine.  After my first day on these skis, I was impressed and could not wait to take them out again.

My second day skiing these was at the Canyons resort, and this day really sold me on these skis. The tail of these skis is really what helps it perform as well as it does, I’m going to call it the invisible tail because it seems to be there when you need is and disappear when you don’t. Most powder skis out now have tail rocker, which does help allow you to shut the ski down and makes it a bit more maneuverable, but also tends to wash out. With no tail rocker, the Cham handles this problem and stays stable throughout. Skiing some groomers and a bit of soft crud all morning until I hiked Murdock peak, I was reminded why I was so excited to ski these again. They handle so well on groomers and the tail really helps to keep your weight forward and not wanting to wash out. The stability of the flat tail reminded me of my Rossi XXL’s and a few other flat tail skis I had loved in the past.  As I skied through the day, I had such a blast skiing everything from groomers to crud to almost a foot of fresh heavy snow. These skis didn’t hook on anything and the turns were smooth and fast.

Overall this ski impressed me more than I expected. These skis can really charge and are super maneuverable, although the tips do start to chatter a bit at higher speeds. These skis will be great for someone looking for a high performance ski, but want something a bit more forgiving and easier to ski. These skis could easily be my daily driver ski at any Utah resort because it does have the ability to ski just about any conditions. From short turns to long form groomers to crud to pow and even some bumps they do it all. I have a feeling the rest of my season will be spent on this ski.

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