Teaching Kids To Ski

Teaching kids to ski can be quite the undertaking. It can be a really great bonding experience between parents and children, or older and younger siblings, or it can be one of the biggest headaches you’ve ever gotten.

The CEO and Owner of Levelninesports, Rich, took the time in the spring of 2012 to put together a video series titled, “Teach Children Skiing,” to try and make sure that teaching your kids to ski is always the first case; enjoyable, fun and leaving your kids wanting more! The series starts with the basics and goes through just about everything you were worried about.

Teach Children Skiing, Learn How here

The series has 12 different videos, all which concentrate on a certain part of the bigger picture; teaching kids to ski.  From help choosing the correct slopes to learn on, or even what gear your child should be using, and even talking about products like, the Wedgease that make certain steps of the process significantly easier.

Take a look around, and feel free to share this with anyone you think might find it useful!

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