Head RD 96 SH3 Boots

We have been cutting prices on so much gear it is crazy. The more crazy part is just how cheap some of the gear is.  We have been getting questioned especially about the Head SH3 ski boots. Most people are used to paying more for sneakers than the $39 and $79 price points we are currently selling these at, but there is a catch.

Head RD 96 SH3 Racing Ski BootsHead RD 96 SH3 Ski Boots

The bottom line is, the type of skier that would use a boot like this is really a very very good skier. Professional skiers, competitive ski racers, or just guys (or gals?) that rip really really hard, really really fast. The RD stands for “Racing Department” which basically means business, serious business. The technology in this sort of boot is literally the best that Head can provide without sponsoring you and designing a boot specifically for you.

The fact that we have these boots in your size, and they are the best bang for the buck on the internet does not mean they are for you! These boots are some of the stiffest on the market as well as only having a 96mm instep, which is very slim. These boots are race boots, they fit like race boots, and they perform like race boot.  They really made for an extremely aggressive skier to buy 2 sizes too small and then bring to a boot fitter (whom we have a great one) to get them blown out and custom fit, for the tightest most performance fitting boot you could think of.

Basically all the above information should be not only fair warning, but a red flag if you do not consider yourself an expert skier. These boots really are  made to service racers and extreme chargers. This really shouldn’t even be an option for beginner and intermediate skiers.

We hope this information helps you, and give us a call if you have any more questions.

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