Spring Skiing

Springtime is my favorite time of the ski season believe it or not. As far as I’m concerned March and April  are the standout months of the ski season. Spring, especially in Utah, means sunny days and still the occasional chance of a powder day. Warm weather brings sun and slushy conditions and overall higher vibes around the mountain.

The best part about spring skiing in Utah is that, because of Utah’s great snow pack, the slush comes but usually the bare spots and grass hold off until the very end of the season. Because of this, its some of the best spring slush you can get.

Here are some reasons why spring is, in my opinion, the best time to ski or visit Utah.

1. It’s not only acceptable, but also comfortable to shed your jacket and wear a sweatshirt. (Remember though, cotton is not waterproof, and the sun is POWERFUL when it glares off the snow, which can cause some fading in the color)

2. Sunglasses are hot right now. We choose PitViper to ensure we are looking stylin’ on and off the mountain. But all in all, the best thing about wearing sunglasses is the breeze in your face, helping to keep your comfortable in the sometimes 60 degree weather. (Definitely either wear NICE sunglasses or keep your goggles on, as the glare from the snow is too intense and can lead to vision problems if you don’t wear any protection.)

3. Utah is known for its sometimes sneaky end of season storms. Be prepared to ski one day sweating in all your gear from the warm weather and beating sun, and the next in 10 inches of powder.

4. Spring slush is nice heavy wet snow that makes falling much more forgiving as well as getting your legs sore even when you think you’re in shape.

5.  Make sure to not only apply sunscreen before you go out, but a few times throughout the day! The sun is not only strong, the snow acts as a reflector, making the sun rays even more powerful and dangerous.

Get out there and enjoy the sun! Make sure to enjoy the apres skiing as well, especially since you get longer days to enjoy the weather! If you are visiting Utah this spring, make sure to swing by our Salt Lake City ski shop!

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  1. Spring skiing can’t be beaten. Fresh powder, blue skies… just perfect

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