March Snow on the East and Utah

I made it back to my hometown in Massachusetts for a day and a half to see my family last week. Turns out while I was home the east coast got hammered with snow. Unfortunately the day it snowed was the day I was flying back to SLC. I got to play in the snow but only to help my dad snow blow the driveway.


The drive to the airport was pretty slick but my dad’s an east coast for lifer and is an ACE at driving in the snow. Take a look at this guy who had a bit more trouble than us. Luckily the Manchester, NH airport is also more used to the snow and I had no delays.

When I got back to Utah, we were also getting one of those classic March storms. I live in Park City unlike the rest of the L9crew, so I hear endless stories about their bottomless days up BCC and LCC, while I’m stuck in the pits skiing lesser storm totals. So this time I decided to take my snowmobile out and make some turns with some friends in the backcountry to ensure I got some deep turns. Here are the few photos I took.
IMG_0095 ^The gal slashin’ a turn.
IMG_0097^Only a few turns long, but this zone is an easy 2 min lap from top to top with a snowmobile.
IMG_0103^The girls lapping each other around.

And to make my point clear, this is what Park City looks like already after that storm. Seasons coming to an end, get out there and enjoy it before all you can do is dream about it!

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