Our warehouse. Used for more than just packing boxes.

The LevelNine warehouse is a super busy part of our operation. Our team of gurus is busy stocking products, pulling products, packing and shipping products, all on record time making sure orders are filled correctly and securely.  All that aside, our warehouse has gotten some use by some pretty cool film crews. Located in the heart of downtown SLC, and being a pretty old building, our warehouse boasts some really unique architecture.  Check out some of the videos that have been produced in our warehouse.

1. Bully Beatdown Season 3. We cleared out a section of the warehouse so that they could set up a wrestling ring. Some of our crew even got some face time in this video:


2. Katherin Nelson, a singer/songwriter based in Utah used our warehouse to set the vibe of the music video for her song, “What’s Mine is Yours.”

Values.com used our warehouse to set the scene of this commercial with and underlying meaning that Please and Thank You are crucial parts of culture and language.  


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