Spring Hiking in the Wasatch

One of my favorite things about Spring in the Wasatch is the transition from winter activities to summer recreation. There is always an overlap period where people are climbing and biking just a few miles down the road from the folks spring skiing at Snowbird. When the snow finally melts and the dirt is showing through, its time to hang up the skis and pull out the shorts and hiking boots. Fortunately for us Utah locals, the same terrain that gives us world class skiing destinations in the winter also makes for some fantastic summer hiking.


A Wasatch Ridge making the slow transition to summer.

One of the best things about the Wasatch is the variety of terrain. There are short day hikes and walks perfect for families and kids, and there are giant mountains and trails for the hardcore hikers and backpackers.


A family pauses for a Kodak moment by a high alpine lake.


3 of Level Nine’s finest on top of the Pfeiferhorn in the Wasatch range. Myself, Peter, and Sam.

Now remember folks, just like skiing, hiking requires some specialized gear and clothing. That means the awesome pair of jean shorts you wear every time you mow the lawn won’t be very comfortable when you’re scrambling up a trail in the summer heat. You want lightweight and moisture wicking material pretty much head to toe for a serious summer hike. Lucky for you, Level Nine can get you and your family decked out in nice summer gear for super cheap. We have an awesome selection of Cloudveil pants, shorts, shirts, and hats to keep you cool all summer long.


Now snag up some summer gear for the whole family and get out there and hit the trail!


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