Tyson’s L9 Dream Quiver

Eight years ago when I started with level nine I could not have picked a quiver of skis or even a powder ski from that first collection (we had no powder skis). We had carving skis, beginner skis and a few all mountain skis. Wow times have changed.
So with all the great skis  available at Level Nine right now you might be asking yourself, “What should I get?” I have asked my self that question since last spring when the skis stared showing up.
So here is a list of the skis I would add to my quiver:
Condition – Firm snow:
Rossignol Experience 88 Skis
I would go with the Rossignol Experience 88. It is a great ski with a lot of side cut and a stout flex. This thing will kill groomers and off trail but more than anything its a great front side ski.
All Mountain Twin:
Ninthward B Murdah Skis
I would go with the B Murduh from Ninthward. At 95mm underfoot this ski can handle the whole mountain form light powder and crud to the park and groomers.
For my Daily Driver:
Fischer Watea 101 Skis
Give me the Fischer Watea 101. This ski has had my interest since it came into the shop.  It has a generous side cut and 101mm waist, with medium flex and slight tip rocker. This thing can handle it all form crud, groomers, powder, trees, steeps, you name it. 
Big Mountain Rippin’:
Head Kiss of Death 110 Twin Tip Powder Skis       Rossignol S7 Skis
Give me the Head Kiss of Death or the Rossignol Super 7. With tip and tail rocker as well as a stiff underfoot flex and a 110-115 waist, these ski like to go fast but can still make great turns. They will float in powder, kill crud and rail groomers.
Condition- Powder:
Salomon Rocker2 122 Skis      Elan - Boomerang Powder Skis
I have this solved before we sold out I got the Fischer Watea 120 and I love this ski, however since were out I would go with the Elan Boomerang or Salomon Rocker 122 both sporting waist widths over 120 along with tip and tail rocker which means they will eat up powder like the best of them. Both of these skis will also ski the whole mountain and you wont need to switch out skis once the powder is gone.
What can I say that would be a sick quiver. If those skis don’t suit your needs I’m sure we have something that does. Besides, where else are you going to get a 5 ski quiver for between $1385 and $1721?


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2 responses to “Tyson’s L9 Dream Quiver

  1. Richard S

    lLol only Tyson could recommend a 5 ski quiver where the narrowest was 95 millimeters under foot

  2. Paul

    95mm… ? Those are my Fat skis. I like 65-70 underfoot because the Gforces are inline with my nicely stacked bones. http://www.youtube.com/user/G3FORC3/videos
    Another Average Day here in Whistler.eh ps: waiting for Elan GSX Gs skis from Level9.

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