Getting ready to hit the slopes.

With Thanksgiving behind us, and many resorts around the country and Canada already open. The season is upon us! Here are some things to remember before your first day out, and hopefully things you didn’t forget if you already have hit the slopes.

1. Make sure your bindings are set correctly and safely. Even though your bindings were working fine last season, if you grow taller or gain weight, lose weight or you get new ski boots, you should probably get your bindings adjusted. Bring those skis to your local ski shop and have a tech do what they do best.

2. Put some fresh wax on those planks. If your bases are starting to look dry this is especially important. There is a point of no return for dry bases, where they will not be able to hold fresh wax any longer. Dry bases are when the base material starts to look white, usually first near the edges.

3. Get your gear together. Do a head to toe to make sure you have everything. Hat, goggles, face-mask, jacket, gloves, pants, and hard-goods, boots, poles, skis. The worst thing ever is forgetting your boots! Rental boots are uncomfortable and usually packed out beyond belief. Also, make sure you have enough layers to stay warm!  A warm family is a happy family.

Those are the basics. Now get out there and enjoy some turns!


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2 responses to “Getting ready to hit the slopes.

  1. Neil Nutter

    I just bought a level 9 ski bag. i am making my first ski trip out west (finally at age 54) to Park City, no less. I figured I’d check out L9 on the net just to see something about you and was pleasantly surprises that you are a Salt Lake company. Really looking forward to skiing real mountains.

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