Staying Warm On the Hill

There has been quite the cold front going around the country this past week. In our home base of Utah we were skiing in -19 degree Fahrenheit weather this past weekend. Here are a few tips for keeping warm.

1. Layer up!

Sometimes just wearing your jacket with a t-shirt under doesn’t cut it. Base layers are great for these days, and even after that sometimes it takes an extra sweatshirt or sweater to wear in the middle to stay warm.

Terramar 2014 Mens 3.0 Ecolator Crew

2. Gloves or Mittens?!

For those who have trouble with keeping their hands warm, we say go for mittens! They help to radiate heat and keep your hands warmer on mega cold days.  If you really prefer gloves over mittens make sure you take a good look at what kind of insulation they have to ensure warmth.

Dakine Womens Camino Mitten Grey

3. Ski socks not cotton.

Ski socks are usually made of wool, or some sort of synthetic material, one reason for this is to help wick sweat, and even wet snow from your body. This makes an overall impact on the warmth and comfort of your feet, by not allowing them to get that clammy feeling of sitting in a wet sock all day.

Fox River Mammoth Ski Snowboard Socks

Ski socks usually have some padding on the shin and bottom of your foot to help give a bit more comfort while skiing around. But overall, ski socks are extra thin to help protect your feet from pressure points and friction inside the boot.

Overall, a good pair of ski socks will actually help to keep your feet more comfortable in your not so comfortable plastic ski boots.


4. Hand warmers.

When it gets so cold that you think nothing will work, grab some hand warmers. Lots of gloves these days have little stash pockets that are great for sliding a hand warmer into. They last a few hours, and are a great way to quickly bring that body temp back to a comfortable level.

Little Hotties Hand Warmer


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  1. I like that you pointed out not to use cotton ski socks– it really makes all the difference. And I got a package of those hand-warmers last Christmas, they’re really neat and definitely warm up your hands. Great advice 🙂

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