Prepping Ski Gear for Summer

We have made this post before, but as the season comes to an around the US and Canada it is always nice to get a bit of a refresher of what to do with your ski gear for the summer.  Getting your skis ready for summer is just about as important as winter in order to keep the skis lasting as long as your knees can handle them.

1. Get a tune. If your skis have any gashes in the bases, really dull edges or the bases are starting to show some white (dry spots) getting a tune at the end of the season is a good idea. Not only does this help keep your skis from getting worse over the summer, it also makes it so you don’t have to add another thing to the list when the season starts and all you want to do is get on the hill!

2. Clean and dry your skis. Take a damp cloth to your skis to get any dirt or salt off the top sheets and bases. (Don’t use any cleaning solutions, water will do) Make sure to dry any water you may have used, especially on any metal parts of the skis to prevent rust.

3. Clean your ski boots. Cleaning your boots is also a good idea, especially if you took them spring skiing because they could have some extra dirt on them from walking through the muddy parking lots. Taking your liners out of the plastic shell and letting them really dry out is a good idea as well. Sometimes mold can form in spots that are bunched up and take longer to dry when they are in the shell.

4. BUCKLE YOUR BOOTS! Make sure to put the liners back into the shell and buckle the boot up! Leaving boots unbuckled for long periods of time will warp the plastic and effect how the boot fits. Also chose a clean spot to store your boots as sometimes if you keep them in the garage or attic you will end up finding that a mouse or mildew are now calling them home.

5. Coat skis With Travel Wax (A thick coat of wax): If you tune your own skis, give them an end-of-season tune, then slather on a thick coat of cheap, soft wax and leave it (don’t scrape). This helps keep your bases and edges clean, rust-free and uncontaminated. (Don’t forget to scrape the wax off in the fall.)

6. The best place to store your gear is somewhere that is going to keep a decently constant temperature as well as stay clean from things like dust dirt. While storing your skis in the garage will probably be fine, it is good to check on your skis once or twice in the off season to make sure they are still clean.

And as always, keep them in a spot easily visible to friends and family so they know you are a die hard.

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