Photo Challenge – Ski the Tropics and Get Your Skis Free

As our season comes to a close here in Salt Lake City, we at Levelnine find ourselves day-dreaming of our best runs of the year. While skiing down under is the usual go-to destination of a powder hound in need of a summer fix, a little internet browsing takes us to destinations around the world where the ski season never lets up. These places are the lesser known ranges of the tropics that boast colossal mountains where glaciers and snow, amazingly, persist year round. Yet, while climate change threatens the snow of high latitude ski hills we all know and love, it is already moving in for the kill on the snows of the tropics. Within a decade, the possibility of skiing these peaks will only be a memory. As we sit in our offices we feel the burning need to see these peaks ridden before it is too late!

Photo: The iconic views of Kilamanjaro from Amboseli National Park

So, while we have all heard of Kilimanjaro’s glaciers that sits only a hop skip and a jump away from the equator, it is only the tip of the–ahem–iceberg. More obscure ranges and peaks dot the middle of the globe. Elephants tramp along and chimps swing through the trees of the lower slopes of Uganda’s Rwenzori mountains that pierce the skies of central Africa. Outside of Bolivia’s capital of La Paz, glacial snows are retreating so fast that they will be gone in 10 years.

Photo: The Rwenzori’s aka Africa’s Alps

Here’s an article to the rate at which the snows of the Rwenzori’s are melting

Photo: Fresh snow in the Rwenzoris

New Guinea, known more for it’s birds of Paradise that bounce around the jungle floor, and the odd incidence of cannibalism, actually has a central mountain range so high it can add to the list of snow capped glacial tropical peaks.

Photo: New Guinea’s Central Range

Photo: birds of paradise in New Guinea


Even our neighbor to the south, Mexico, has volcanoes that would make it a prime candidate for this challenge. Shoot, while Namibia’s sand dunes offer a preview of what skiing in the tropics will look like in 10 years it qualifies too! The list goes on, and the possibilities wrap the whole length of the equator; so while there are no lifts that run in most of these places, L9 gear can help get you up–and down more importantly–on the snow in these unlikely ski spots.

While we realize that the idea of skiing in, let alone traveling to some of these locales is crae’ crae’ for many of Levelnine’s customers, we thought that we would put this out there. If you already have your tickets booked for Indonesia, Peru, or the Democratic of the Congo then this is an idea to kick around. Surfing, skiing, and snorkeling anyone? Who can pass up free skis, right? We will be here rooting for you from our posts at Levelnine!

So, if you find you’re taking off on typically tropical vacation, bring those skis or snowboards that you got from Levelnine! If you find yourself riding on Levelnine gear anywhere else that is equally out of the ordinary to some of these tropical peaks, shoot your pictures over (and of course, permission to use them) to Levelnine and we will see to it that what you paid for that gear gets back to you!


Disclaimer: Of course we reserve the right to refuse refund to any customer who participates in the challenge. So, communicate what you will be up to before going on the trip and submitting photos so that we can approve your plans and request shots.


Get out there and have fun!


Here’s some gear we recommend to get the job done:   (for getting up) (those would get you down quite nicely)

or these:



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