“This is 40 Almost” – by Tyson Bringhurst

In July I will turn 39, however, sometimes I feel like I’m still 25 struggling through college, living in my parents’ basement and skiing as much as possible. A lot has changed in the past 14 years.

I am now married, have three small kids, a mortgage, a full-time job and a part-time gig at Level Nine Sports. My skiing also went from 40+ days a year to less than a dozen.  What happened?  Life catches you, priorities change and, yes, it’s hard to ski every weekend with small kids and a wife that works full-time

However, I still need to ski and I still think about skiing probably more than I should. I now take any opportunity to ski, with or without my kids. Skiing is fun regardless. I just have to look at it differently. It’s not just about powder days, how steep the line or how big the cliff. It’s about skiing and escaping the day-to-day grind. The last few years I have relished every ski day even if it’s the one hour of night skiing on the bunny hill with my daughters or a full day of skiing Utah’s finest. I just know I love to ski, I need to ski and most importantly, I want to pass this on to my kids.

I want my kids to look forward to and enjoy winter. I want them to dream about powder days and skiing great lines with friends and family. I refuse to raise kids that believe November to March is video game season. I want them to realize a bad day skiing is way better than beating any level on any video game. I believe that spending time with my kids on the mountain will bring us closer, create a healthy lifestyle and provide some unbelievable family memories. Getting older is not about sitting back and watching others enjoy the ride. Getting older is about being out there, growing and enjoying the ride with your family and friends.  It’s time to get out there. Go enjoy the ride regardless of what the conditions or circumstances may be.photo

by Tyson Bringhurst

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