Dalbello Prime and Ultra Boots

We are excited to carry the Dalbello 2015 Prime and Ultra Boots. These boots are similar to the Dalbello Aero Boots, but Dalbello was kind enough to make us our own version. That is why you will not be able to find these boots anywhere but Levelninesports!

This is awesome because we can sell these boots to you for less than the inline Dalbello Options, but with the same great quality, features and  comfort! These boots are perfect for beginner to intermediate skiers looking mostly for comfort and a bit of performance.


Both the Prime 6 and the Ultra 6 have plastic buckles where for the extra money you get metal buckles with the Prime 8 and Ultra 8. Take a look at our Product Videos and make sure to grab some of these boots!


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2 responses to “Dalbello Prime and Ultra Boots

  1. Andrea

    what is the difference between the Prime 8 and the Ultra 8? I tried on the Aspire 75 in store – which would be the best fit compared to those?

    • The Prime and Ulta are our own special make up versions of the Dalbello Aspire and Aerro. If you liked the fit of the Aspire 75, our Ultra 8 is the same boot! The Prime 8 is the same as the Aerro, which is the men’s version. Give our customer service a call or email if you have any more questions!

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