Level Nine Sports Retail Store. Salt Lake City, UT.

Level Nine has had a few store locations since we evolved from Rich’s eBay business. Our newest store in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah is quite the step up from our previous locations, offering much more convenience for our customers than before.

We moved into our newest location because it is awesome for many reasons, but two main reasons really stand out. Our location is the largest Salt Lake City ski shop, and it is located extremely conveniently right off of I-15. Our 12,000 square foot retail store is located in a 100 year old warehouse building. This part of town is called the “Granary District” because our building was used to store and ship grains throughout the intermountain west in the early 1900’s. Come check out a piece of Utah history while finding great deals on ski gear!

Any product you see on our website should be readily available in our retail store, unless you have caught us at a busy time of year. If the item you want is not in stock when you arrive, contact one of our customer service reps and they can help arrange a warehouse pickup just 10 minutes north on I-15 in Woods Cross, UT. Not only do we offer the best possible deals on ski gear, ski mounting, and bootfitting, we also have the best deals on rentals for the whole family.

For More information, check out our http://www.levelninesports.com/Salt-Lake-City-Utah-Ski-Shop

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