Employee Ridden

Today we talk about the K2 Shreditor 112. (http://www.levelninesports.com/K2-Skis-2015-Shreditor-112)

Ridden by both our Web Content Manager, and one of our Retail Store Managers, these skis have been put to the test and passed. The Shreditor 112 is one of the lightest powder skis we have ever laid eyes on and at 112mm underfoot, that’s usually pretty unheard of. Powder junkies will absolutely love this ski since its incredibly easy to throw around with K2’s All Terrain Rocker which will keep you afloat in deep snow. The Shreditor series was designed for all of your hucking needs for all of those cliffs that are just begging to be stomped. If touring is your thing, this ski is ideal especially with the Skin Grommets on the tip and tail. All in all, if your’re in the market for a fun, nimble and high performance powder ski , the Shreditor 112 has got you covered.



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